About US

Dedicated to AAT therapeutics for Respiratory diseases 

Of high medical need with global societal impact

AATec Medical is a biotech company developing a product platform based on recombinant alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, virus infections and rare diseases. We have successfully demonstrated proof-of-principle in several indications and are preparing for a proof-of-concept clinical trial with inhaled AAT in respiratory applications.

We were founded by a seasoned interdisciplinary team with long-standing experience in clinical research, biopharmaceutical drug development and product industrialization. The team provides a comprehensive biomedical and industrial skill set based on long term expertise to drive the research, product development, and clinical testing of our product pipeline.


Dr. Rüdiger Jankowsky
CEO and Co-founder
PD Dr. Manfred Stangl
CSO and and Co-founder
Dr. Michael Strassmair
CMO and Co-founder


Dr. Karsten Ottenberg
Chair of the Advisory Board and Co-founder
Willem Bulthuis
Member of the Advisory Board and Co-founder
Prof. Burkhard Sträter
Member of the Advisory Board