AATec Medical

Unlocking the therapeutic potential of AAT

A drug platform based on alpha-1 antitrypsin

We develop therapeutics based on alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) for the treatment of diseases of high medical need with global societal impact

Alpha-1 antitrypsin

AAT is a natural human immuno-modulator, regulating pro-inflammatory enzymes

Significant therapeutic potential in auto-immune and infectious diseases, AAT deficiency and other conditions

Favourable safety profile, well-investigated

antitrypsin molecule
antitrypsin molecule


Large-scale recombinant manufacturing of human AAT

Inhalative application using state-of-the-art inhaler technology

Drug platform for broad range of indications

Our therapeutics address widespread virus infections, auto-immune diseases and rare conditions such as AAT deficiency and ARDS.

We develop therapeutic solutions for respiratory virus diseases such as corona, influenza and RSV infections, to support global efforts to prepare for future pathogen threats.

We enable large-scale AAT manufacturing through cutting-edge recombinant technology. We utilize state-of-the-art inhaler technology and other technologies for safe, effective and convenient AAT drug administration.

Our aim is to provide patient-centric drugs for diseases highly relevant at global level. Accessible, affordable and with worldwide reach.



Experienced executive in biotech & health tech, strategic advisor for start-up companies, PhD in  biochemistry

Chief Scientific Officer

Chief physician for organ transplant, founder of Apceth and JunctuCell, MD

antitrypsin molecule

Chief Medical Officer

Chief physician for hand surgery, founder of JunctuCell, MD

ADvisory Board

Chairman of the Board

Former CEO of the BSH Home Appliances Group, non-executive director, mentor & advisor

Board Member

Former global executive at Philips, NXP, G&D, secunet, VC partner and founder

Board Member

Partner, Sträter Lawyers. Health legislation in Germany and the European Union

Scientific Advisory Board

Director, Institute of Virology at TU Munich and Director, Institute of Virology at Helmholtz Center Munich

Director, Institute of Molecular Virology at University Clinic Ulm

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